Kendra wilkinson mom patti estranged

Kendra Wilkinson And
Her Mother Are Once
Again Estranged — As
She Hints Kendra’s
Marital Woes May Not
Be Real!


As Kendra Wilkinson’s marriage to Hank Baskett started to crumble, she turned to another family member for support—her mother, Patti, with whom she’s been estranged from for years.

Despite candid shots of a reunion and reports the elder Wilkinson served as a crutch for her daughter after an affair ruined Kendra’s marriage, the two are once again at odds, it has since been revealed.

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“Well I continue to be hurt and disrespected by my daughter,” the 55-year-old grandma tweeted yesterday.

“So please don’t mention her or ask me anything about her. Thanks!”

Interestingly enough, the San Diego native also took to Twitter to hint that claims Kendra’s marriage came to an end after her husband Hank allegedly had an affair with transsexual escort Ava London may not be true!

A fan tweeted, “She’s going through a tough time, give her a break.” Patti replied, “No she’s not. Don’t believe everything you read.”

When someone asked if that meant the cheating story was made up, she shared her speculation.

“Starting to wonder myself! I really don’t know,” she wrote.

Before they reunited earlier this summer, the tension between Kendra and Patti reached an all-time high as the former Playboy bunny allegedly told her mother “I hope you die” last October.

“We’ve had a very strained relationship for the last four or five years,” Patti explained in June, adding the phone call was “the icing on the cake.”