Kelly Osbourne Home From Hospital After Seizure; Returning to Work on 'Fashion Police'

Kelly osbourne seizure fashion police


Thankfully, Kelly Osbourne has a clean bill of health.

After suffering from a seizure on the set of Fashion Police last week, the star is finally out of the hospital in the clear as far as long-term effects are concerned. 
"Thank you to all the Doctors Nurses Medical Staff & Employees @CedarsSinai Hospital for fixing me enough to go home its so nice to bein bed!" Kelly, 28, tweeted after her release. 
A rep for the star confirmed that Kelly was discharged from the hospital and will be back on her feet in no time.
"Doctors ran numerous tests and determined that this was most likely a onetime episode of which there are no conclusive results," Kelly’s rep told E! News. "She is looking forward to returning to Fashion Police this week and getting back to business and life as usual." 
Thankfully, Kelly can carry on with her regular routine instead of feeling like she’s in the middle of a medical drama! 
“My life is now like an episode of House = the impending fight against death and the look of fear in everyones faces!” she tweeted after she was admitted to the hospital. 
Sending Kelly well wishes and a speedy recovery! 

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