Blake shelton kelly clarkson wedding

Kelly Clarkson
Reveals: Blake Shelton
is Singing and
Officiating At My


What we wouldn't give to be at this wedding.

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kelly Clarkson reveals that Blake Shelton will be officiating her nuptials to Brandon Blackstock — who happens to be Blake’s manager.

“He’s not only singing, he’s marrying us,” Kelly said. “He totally is, he’s done it before with people.”

Calling him “Reverend Blake,” Kelly adds, “You’re technically not married when the ceremony actually happens so it’s not like it’s gonna be null and void or anything cause it’s Blake.”

And despite Blake's very vocal penchant for alcohol, Kelly's not worried he'll be too sloshed at the ceremony.

PHOTO: Kelly Clarkson Shows Off Her Engagement Ring on Twitter

“He plays that persona up, but he’s very serious and he loves it,” she says. “He’s so into it. He can be very sentimental and it’s like ‘What?’ You don’t know how to take it because it’s not Blake.”

Kelly announced her engagement on December 15, after having dating Brandon for nearly 10 months. “I am so lucky and am with the greatest man ever,” she announced to her fans, sharing a picture of her gorgeous yellow canary diamond engagement ring.

Though Kelly and Brandon have chosen the month of their wedding, she says the “date keeps getting switched because of all the schedules of everybody.”

And for laid back Kelly, she's just rolling with the punches.

“I picked everything super quick,” she tells ET. “[The wedding dress] was the third one. I could totally show up [in anything] and be fine, but my mom would kill me!”