Nicole kidman keith urban sexting

Keith Urban Admits to
Sexting Wife Nicole

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We don’t know where you are, Connor and Isabella Cruise, but earmuffs—stat! Actually, just do yourselves a favor and avoid the Internet for a while.


Because their step-dad Keith Urban, 46, just publicly admitted that he’s into sexting their mom, Nicole Kidman, 46.

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In a promo for The Ellen Degeneres Show, Keith over shares this little bit of information when he told Ellen that despite their busy schedules, he and his wife of seven years “just make it work.”

He admitted that they only talk on the phone, rather than emailing or texting—but did confess they make the occasional exception.

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“Maybe one text,” he said shyly. “You know, one of those kinds of texts, yes, one of those with the accompanying photo he said.”

The veteran talk show host wasn’t going to let him off that easily though!

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“What do you mean,” Ellen teased.

“Nice sex texting,” he said. “I’m a little red right now.

Yup—and now we’re blushing too! Watch the full clip below: