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Guess Who?: Katy Perry
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#TBT Birthday Picture

Katy Perry Twitter

Place your bets now - who is this angelic-looking blonde birthday girl?

Give up? It's Katy Perry, or as she was then Katheryn Hudson, celebrating a childhood birthday with older sister Angela.

The image, which the 29-year-old shared on Twitter yesterday for Throwback Thursday, is the artwork for her latest single named - perhaps unsurprisingly - Birthday.

The photo soon began trending, thanks to the pop-vixen's 52 million followers.

Katy Perry Twitter

Hopefully this will perk her up, after a tough few months. She's apparently still devastated over the break up of her relationship with John Mayer which ended in February.

The star was photographed last month looking upset as removal trucks took some of John's possessions away from her mansion, and is apparently consulting a hypnotherapist to help her move on.