Katy perry breakup

Thinking Of You: Katy
Perry Looks “Upset” At
Dinner With Friends
Days After She
Reportedly Broke Up
With John Mayer


The past week has been an emotional roller coaster for the usually peppy and upbeat Katy Perry.

On Wednesday, it was reported the “Dark Horse” singer broke up with her long-time beau, John Mayer. The next day, the 29-year-old was on the scene when her sister Angela gave birth.

But it seems the highs can’t help balance the lows for Katy, who was spotted recently looking "visibly upset", one on-looker described.

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“Katy Perry’s sparkly diamond ‘engagement’ ring was noticeably absent as she stepped out for dinner at Jitlanda Restaurant with a few friends in LA on Feb. 27,” an eyewitness tells In Touch.

“When she was with John she always looked so happy but that night it was a completely different story. After dinner she was very downcast. Apparently becoming a new aunt did little to cheer her up.”

Earlier in the day, a moving truck was spotted at the songstress’ Hollywood Hills home, where a vehicle left “with what appeared to be a bunch of items belonging to a guy” while a somber Katy looked on.

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And apparently, not even dinner with friends could brighten Katy’s day.

“You can tell she’s really taking the breakup hard because she really seemed to love John,” the eyewitness explains to In Touch. “It was a very sad scene. She looked like she was on the verge of tears.”