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Katie Couric: ‘I’m
Ready to Get Married


Katie Couric is open to another walk down the aisle.

The veteran journalist, and host of ABC's 'Katie', tells In Touch she likes the idea of being in a committed relationship and may be ready to give 'I do' another shot.

“I was happily married and really enjoy having a partner." And even though she concedes "marrying me might be a challenging proposition for some people, I think being married has benefiits — it’s harder to walk away when you have that piece of paper."

Couric lost her first husband, Jay Monahan, in 1998 to colon cancer. His death left her to raise their two daughters, Ellie, 22, and Caroline, 17, as single mom. Now, 56, Couric — the newest face of the Got Milk? campaign — is currently celebrating a year with banker boyfriend John Molner, 50.

Katie also dished to In Touch about her favorite celebrity interview.  

"Hugh Jackman’s always so nice," says Couric. "And really cute! Once he started singing “Oh What a Beautiful Morning” to me. He’s a really decent, kind, generous guy."

And despite the fact she's interviewed everyone from Beyonce to President Obama she still struggles to grasp the Kardashian phenomenon: "I don’t understand — why are they so famous? I think it’s mostly teenage girls that are interested."

Those teenage would have to work hard to keep up Couric who reveals she stays in shape by spinning: I’ve really gotten into spinning. Even if I can’t keep up with the type A lunatics in my class, at least I’m moving for 45 minutes.

Just don't call her perky. "Elves are perky. Leprechauns are perky," declares Katie. "Quite frankly, it’s a little sexist. Also, the statute of limitations for perky has ended. It’s kind of hard to be perky at 56."