Perez hilton kathy griffin

Kathy Griffin Slams
Perez Hilton Over Feud
With Lady Gaga

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Kathy Griffin has never been afraid to speak her mind; the 52-year-old is revealing her feelings about the feud between blogger Perez Hilton and Lady Gaga—and unsurprisingly, she’s not holding anything back!

Kathy took to Facebook to post her feelings about Perez’s “bullying” and the implications of the feud may have.

Perez Hilton Reveals Topless Pic of Lady Gaga As Feud Continues

On Facebook, Kathy wrote, “Why declare war on Lady Gaga? Who—on addition to possessing an actual skill set, you know, singing, dancing, writing songs—is a fierce advocate for the LGBTQIA community on a very high level!”

She also criticized his decision to pit Lady Gaga and Katy Perry against each other—calling it “the oldest trick in the book.”

Lady Gaga Reveals Reason Behind Her Friend Breakup with Perez Hilton

While the blogger and Gaga used to be close, their falling out has been in the public eye since Perez allegedly bullied the singer by posting nasty pictures while she was recovering from a broken hip.

The fight continued to escalate, as Lady Gaga accused Perez of stalking her apartment, which the writer countered by posting topless pics of the singer.

The Lady Gaga/Perez Hilton Feud Continues to Get Ugly

While Kathy couldn’t make sense of why an anti-bullying advocate like Perez would mercilessly attack the 27-year-old performer, she did offer comforting words to Gaga.

“For the record, Perez Hilton ‘declared war’ on me on his website a few years ago…” she wrote. “Not only did it not ruin me … but if any of you want to find me … you  can find me headlining  at the Sydney Opera House, Carnegie Hall and taping my 20th standup special this fall.”