Kate gosselin sells freebies

Stingy!: Kate Gosselin
Reportedly Sold Her
Clothing Gifted to Her


With eight children to support, Kate Gosselin has to do what she can to make ends meet—which is why she’s on TV (or so she claims). But according to the explosive tell-all book written by reporter Robert Hoffman, the reality TV matriarch has found another way to cash in—by selling the children’s clothing her family was gifted!

According to Hoffman, he saw the 39-year-old taking the swag to a local consignment store—rather than donating it!

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“I followed her, several times, to a consignment shop in Shillington, Penn., where she carried in piles of children’s clothing, to RESELL. Kate Gosselin, a millionaire, was selling clothes she didn’t even pay for in the first place to those truly in need,” he writes.

“There is no disputing this because I watched her and photographed her doing this, and the paparazzi photographed her doing this. I also spoke to the consignment shop owner after Kate had left. This particular shop is 3 miles from my house, and I had been there many times before.”

Gosselin Kids

Kate isn’t the first reality star to come under fire for earning a profit by selling items gifted to her.

After Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, Kim Kardashian listed clothing, accessories and shoes—many of which were new and still had tags—on eBay to be sold as a way to raise money to donate to the victims.

However, it quickly came to light that only 10-percent was actually going to charity.

At the time, she justified this by saying her profit was actually small since eBay takes deducts for listing-related fees, and the company who assists her with auctions also earns a commission.

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As for Kate’s earnings, Hoffman didn’t let her off the hook so easily.

“The worst part of this story is that, on the way to that consignment shop from her house, Kate had to drive by — in her $69,000 Toyota Land Cruiser — a giant Goodwill Industries distribution center and retail store, where she could have donated the items and gotten a tax write-off in the process,” he writes.

“Kate was a millionaire getting everything for free, and she was reselling her children’s free clothing, rather than donating it to the needy.”

In total, Kate reportedly banked an estimated $2.5 million from her reality series.