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Kanye West’s Album
Leaked, Is One Song
About Kim Kardashian
and Her Mom, Kris


Kanye West raps about a lot of things on his new album, Yeezus, and while most of them seem to be about his god complex (although he also touches on abortion and marriage), there is one song – “Bound 2” – on the album, which leaked online yesterday, that seems to be about his baby mama, Kim Kardashian and her mom, Kris Jenner.

“Bound 2” is the last track on the album and samples a 1971 song by Ponderosa Twins Plus One with the lyric “Bound to fall in love,” but some of the other lines in the song appear to be about Kim, who’s due to give birth to their first child in July.

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After admitting “I know I got a bad reputation,” Kanye seems to be hinting that he and Kim have a volatile relationship – even when they’re travelling the world together (which they did a lot at the start of their relationship). “I’ll turn the plane ‘round, you ass keep complainin’” he raps. “How you gon’ be mad on vacation?” and then he follows it up with what seems to be a warning to Kim to stop confiding in her mother, Kris: “This that what we do, don’t tell your mom shit.”

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An insider tells In Touch that Kanye is tired of Kris being involved in every aspect of Kim’s life, and by extension, his life too. “Kanye says Kris has been totally nice, but sometimes it feels like too much,” the insider says. “Kris is too pushy and such a suck up.”

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But despite that, Kanye seems to be admitting in “Bound 2” that even though they have their problems, he loves Kim: “One good girl is worth a thousand bitches.”

There’s a lot of other stuff in the song (like how he wants to have sex on the sink, and possibly have a threesome), but this song could also be Kanye’s way of telling the world that he’s going to marry Kim: “Maybe we could still make it to the church steps,” he raps.

But it doesn’t seem like he is all that fond of the idea of marriage and babies. On another song on his album, “Blood On the Leaves,” Kanye raps about having a mistress who gets pregnant: “That’s the night your heart died,” and then talks about on the idea of abortion (“your pastor said you can’t abort that”) so that his wife won’t find out, before ending the song with the line: “Til death do you part / Unholy matrimony.”