Kim kardashian kanye west bound 2

Kanye West Releases
Video For Song, ‘Bound
2’ Featuring Topless
Kim Kardashian


We have a lot of questions—and even more theories—about Kanye West’s new music video—for the song “Bound 2” off his album Yeezus—which stars the rapper and a topless Kim Kardashian as they ride into the sunset on a motorcycle.

Our first, and arguably foremost, question is why did he chose do debut the video on The Ellen Degeneres Show? Don’t get us wrong—we love Ellen—it’s just that the video doesn’t seem to have a very funny-daytime-talk-show feel to it… but maybe we’re just reading it wrong.For those who haven’t seen the video, it features a tie dye-clad Kanye and a topless Kim aboard a motorcycle as they ride into the sunset in the desert—AKA a poorly done green screen.Without giving too much away, as Kim—who at no point bothers to put on a shirt, even though it goes from night to day in the desert studio—shows her bare body throughout all the literal bumps in the road, we can’t help but be reminded of another one of her classic roles (hint: we don’t mean Disaster Movie).

But really—what does this all mean?!

Kim Kardashian and Michelle Obama Dine at the Same Restaurant Right After Kanye Slams The President

Is Kanye responding to President Obama’s critcism that Kim and Kanye are ruining the American dream? (Seriously, the eagle, the wild horses, Kim Kardashian… the symbolism is all there). Is this all an elaborate jab at Ray J?

Before we get too deep into any one theory, check out the video for yourself!