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Kanye West Is
Surprisingly Polite to
French Paparazzi: ‘I
Understand You Have to
Make a Living’


Stereotypes tell us that French people are unfriendly—but then why is there something about the city of light that makes paparazzi-hating Kanye West so darn nice to the Parisian cameraman?!

That’s right; the man who has been involved—and charged—in multiple paparazzi-related altercations was seen being nothing but a gentleman to French cameramen during his visit to Paris.

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In the video, Kanye first asks the photogs “Don’t ask questions, just take the video.”

The paparazzi respect his wish, so Kanye responds with respect back.

“Don’t do like the LA [paparazzi],” he said. “I like how you guys, like, move out here. You’ve got like total respect for yourselves, have respect for the people that you’re photographing.”

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He also commended the paparazzi for “taking time off”—unlike the LA cameramen who wait by his house around 8 o’clock.

“I understand that you have to make a living,” he said. “So I appreciate [your cooperation].”

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The best part of the video? When an older woman doesn’t recognize Yeezy and asks who the paparazzi are taking pictures of. One cameraman asks if it’s okay to share his identity, but Kanye takes it upon himself.

“I’m Kanye,” he said and extended a hand. “How you doing?”