Kim kardashian pregnant kanye west 1

Kanye West Gets
Injured While House
Hunting With Pregnant
Kim Kardashian


It’s safe to say Kanye West’s head was in another place this weekend. 

While he was house hunting with his pregnant girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, 32, in Bel-Air on Friday, the duo were avoiding paparazzi with their heads down when Kanye walked directly into a pole. 
Wearing a black lace overcoat and sporting a side braid, Kim inspected her man’s forehead while he bent down and clutched his head in his hands. 
When photographers started snapping away at the injured daddy-to-be, then asking if he was okay, Kanye lost his cool and ran after one of the paps. 
“Will you stop taking f—ckin’ pictures?!” he yelled at the photographer.
Kim then caught up to Kanye and ushered him into 90210 PHO Restaurant before Kanye reappeared and lividly ran after a pap.
"Stop taking mother f--cking photos!" he yelled repeatedly.
“I just got here, man,” the paparazzo proclaimed before the "Mercy" crooner, 35, headed back inside.
One day later, the singer was seen attempting to hide a large lump in the center of his forehead. 
The bright side? Now Kim and Kanye both have very large bumps.