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Kanye on Kim: "I Don't
Care I Love This

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A note to paparazzi: If you want to get the inside scoop on Kanye West, ditch the camera and get a couch—he may just end up jumping on it.

When the 36-year-old rapper appeared on Kris Jenner's daytime talkshow, Kris, he couldn't help but gush about his relationship with Kim Kardashian and his feelings about their daughter, North.

"I just dreamed about being next to her," Kanye said of Kim, with a big smile on his face. "I keep saying it, I don't want to start jumping up and down on the couch or anything."

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Kanye explained that after his mother died, he found himself in a dark place but that Kim and baby Nori give him something to live for.

Some skeptics don't believe that Kim and Kanye are right for each other, but Yeezy's heard that before—and he won't let it bring him down.

"I can have people saying, you know, this is going to damage your credibility as a artist or as a designer, and I say, you know, I don't care, I love this woman," he told Kris.

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Another big difference is their stance on privacy; to say Kanye doesn't like paparazzi is an understatement (he's even being sued by one cameraman!), but the new dad isn't letting that get in the way of his feelings either.

"Someone could say, when the paparazzi surround you—everyone knows you don't like the paparazzi—why would you be with this person?" He said. "And I'm saying, I'm being with this person because I love this person and she's worth it to me."

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The new parents recently took Nori on her first public outing—to Kanye's grandfather's funeral. The star shared with Kris a lesson he learned from his grandfather, who Kanye said never focused on money or popularity and instead focused on the joy in his life.

"She's my joy," Kanye gushed. "She brought my new joy into the world. There's no paparazzi and there's no blog comment and there's nothing that's going to take that joy from me."