Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus Are Having a Contest to See Who Can Be the Most Petty


Shots fired! As the romance between Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus heats up, Briana’s relationship with her Teen Mom 2 co-star (and Javi’s ex-wife) Kailyn Lowry keeps getting colder — and the ladies are continuing to throw shade at each other on social media.

Bri — who recently deleted her Twitter after she got dragged by a Love & Hip Hop star who was definitely #TeamKail — took to Instagram on Friday, Dec. 2 to share a series of photos using the carousel feature of her and Javi together wearing matching outfits. Bri originally wrote "#iwon" in the caption, which definitely had Kail feeling some type of way — so she took to Twitter to respond.

"#iwon more time with my son," she wrote, adding a heart emoji — and even hinting that Javi leaves their son Lincoln with Kail while he spends time with Bri on the weekends. It seems like Bri didn't think Kail would react or she couldn't handle the drama so she deleted her caption and replaced it with just a heart emoji.

In a matter of months, the reality stars’ feud has gone from subtweeting to full-on social media and press war. From releasing private text messages to bringing up other exes, the women are going in on one another for all to watch. Keep scrolling below for a timeline of Kailyn and Briana’s feud so far.

Sept. 2017

Javi hints at long-distance relationship with Briana

After weeks of social media flirting between Javi and Briana, the former alluded to a being in a long-distance relationship on Twitter. “I’m telling you bruh. Long distance is nice [if] you find the right one,” he wrote. This spurred many fans to predict that the lucky gal was Briana, who is based in Florida, far from Javi’s Delaware home base.

Kailyn plays it cool about her ex’s rumored romance

A couple of weeks later, Javi and Bri were spotted out in NYC having dinner with her family and hitting up a club. In response to the photos of the two together, Kail played it off, telling In Touch, “I don't really know much about it but I wish them the best. That's all I'll say on that!”

Oct. 2017

Javi confirms the relationship

It was Javi who finally made things official with Briana in the press, revealing to People that they were an item. “We are dating,” he said at the time. “We’ve been friends for a while and we weren’t in a rush.”

Kailyn lashes out on Twitter

Unlike her initial low-key response, Kailyn’s reaction to Javi confirming his relationship with Briana was much more hostile. She first subtweeted her co-star, writing “don’t s--t where you eat.” She then claimed ratings on TM2 have declined since Briana joined.

Briana denies dating Javi after backlash

In a confusing move, Briana denied she was dating Javi, likely due to the criticism she received from viewers and her castmates alike. When a fan told Bri that her relationship with Javi wouldn't last, she responded in a now-deleted tweet, "We are friends.”

Briana reveals she’s moving to Delaware to be with Javi

That denial didn’t last long, as soon enough, Briana was hinting at a move to be closer to her new beau. When Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra questioned the romance, writing, "Yeah right, you live in Florida,” she replied, “I might end up somewhere in Delaware sooooo.”

Briana reveals explicit details of her sex life with Javi

Fans wondered if Bri’s Twitter was hacked when she suddenly got all TMI about her personal life with Javi. “U kno he’s the one when he spreads dem cheeks apart and spits inside ur a--hole,” she wrote. That was followed up with, "Let me sign off of this cause I be in my feelings too much lmao.” Soon after both tweets were deleted, but something tells us Kailyn saw them first.

(Photo Credit: MTV)

Nov. 2017

Briana leaks texts between Kailyn and Javi

Things got even more controversial on Twitter a month after, when Briana shared a private text exchange between Kailyn and Javi. In the screenshots, which were later deleted, a salt-sounding Kail noted that Javi was taking Bri on the same dates they'd gone on — specifically to basketball games. She texted sarcastically, ”I remember that trip I sent you on I’m glad you get to go again with Briana …I hope she loves doing all the stuff me and you used to do. Take her to the shark tank at the adventure aquarium next.”

Kailyn’s team says no one likes Briana

After the text leak, sources close to Kail told the press that she “feels bad” for “ignorant” Briana. The insider also claimed that, "Nobody on the show really likes her."

Briana cops to “f--king” another one of Kailyn’s exes

After that, it was Bri’s turn to throw down, joking that she hooked up with another one of Kailyn’s baby daddies, Jo Rivera. Whether that’s true or not, it sparked some drama — just not with Kailyn. Instead, Jo's current girlfriend Vee Torres laid into Bri.

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