JWoww's Unflattering Butt Photos: 'Jersey Shore' Star Proves They're Fake (VIDEOS)

Jwoww butt photos


Don’t mess with JWoww’s derrière— because when it comes to her tush, she’s making sure there are no “butts” about it!

After Jersey Shore’s Jenni “JWoww” Farley hosted New Year’s Eve in Times Square earlier this week—and had an alleged wardrobe malfunction when her butt cheeks popped out of her super-short dress— photos of the star’s bare bum have been circulating the web at lightning speed.

The only problem? Jenni says that’s not her bottom!

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And to prove it, she took a home video of her fine-tuned backside to show the world that the cellulite-filled, droopy cheeks in the snapshots are nothing but a product of Photoshop.

"Sorry for my appearance, but it has come to my attention that there is a picture of my derrière going around that looks pretty vile, pretty disgusting,” she said in the home video. “And to prove this picture wrong I decided to video my buttocks because you can't photoshop a video.”

Then, the engaged star— wearing a sweatshirt and undies—bends over, giviing the folks at home an up-close and personal look at her booty...from several angles.

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"I know this is not Victoria's Secret, but it is mine, and it took a lot of doughnuts and cheeseburgers to get this!” she says. She also debunks the rumors that she was pantyless in the photos. “I forever wear underwear. So, for whoever photoshopped that on me, at least you could have put some drawers on me, at least you could have put my tattoo..."

There you have it, everyone! JWoww’s body is a product of GTL. Judge for yourselves and check out her videos below:

Jan 2, 2013 | #myass part 1!!!! My real booty lol make fun of mine not a fake one lol by JENNIWOWW on Keek.com

Jan 2, 2013 | #my ass part 2!!! by JENNIWOWW on Keek.com

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