Justin bieber kris jenner ibiza

"Who's Your Daddy?":
Justin Bieber
Strangely Shares a Pic
Cozying Up to Kris
Jenner Before He Makes
it Clear He’s Crushing
on Kendall Jenner—See
the Pics!


Just when we thought the Kardashians were the ones who always steal the spotlight when celebrating someone else’s special occasion, Justin Bieber stepped up and stole the spotlight during Riccardo Tisci’s birthday party in Ibiza.

On Friday, the Biebs shared a picture of him with his arms wrapped around—Kris Jenner! That’s not even the worst part. He took it even further and captioned the pic, “@kendalljenner @kyliejenner who's your daddy.”

Yep, now we understand why Orlando Bloom – or any of his haters – would want to throw a punch at him.

But before rumors get started about him and the Kardashian matriarch, let’s focus on what he was doing with Kendall Jenner. Early Saturday morning, he shared a pic of her leaning in for a kiss while he looked straight into the camera.

It wasn’t just the 20-year-old singer who felt the need to share an intimate photo with Kendall. The 18-year-old model did the same thing when she shared a pic of Justin and his friend, Khalil, both giving her kisses on the cheek.

“With the boys,” Kendall captioned the pic.

We're not sure what happened next, but let’s not forget, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who weren’t making kissy faces, were also at the Givenchy designer’s 40th birthday bash.

“#Givenchy @riccardotisci17 's birthday!!! @richie_akiva @justinbieber,” Kim said.