Justin bieber deposition

WATCH: Justin Bieber
Storms Out Over Selena
Gomez Question, Snubs
Mentor Usher — Watch
His Unruly, Arrogant
Behavior in Footage of
His Deposition!


Justin Bieber sat down on March 6 to film his deposition for the lawsuit in which one of his bodyguards allegedly beat up a photographer, and the footage shows the 20-year-old singer, well, exactly as you'd expect—uncooperative, smug and arrogant.

"I don't have to answer anything you say," Biebs is heard telling the opposing lawyer at one point of the 4-and-half hour footage obtained by TMZ.

And at some points—like when on-again-off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez is brought up—he doesn't.

"Do not ask me about her again," he demands, wagging his finger at the lawyer, before storming off.

At other times, the "Boyfriend" singer does answer questions asked by the lawyer—in a rather snarky way, of course.

Take for example when he’s asked about his mentor Usher, who helped launch JB’s career when he was a preteen and an aspiring musician.

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“Yeah, Usher, that sounds familiar,” he says. The lawyer asks Justin if the Voice judge was instrumental to his career, Justin adds, “I was discovered on YouTube. I think I was detrimental to my own career.”

We suspect “detrimental” isn’t exactly the word he was going for.

Justin displays his bad behavior repeatedly throughout the highlights compiled by TMZ.

For example, he pretends to sleep at one point, compares the opposing lawyer to Katie Couric and shows off his overall smart-ass attitude through his answers and his body language.

“This is a film,” he asks when asked to observe a video of paparazzi footage. “You said, Watch the film.’ Is this a film?”

This deposition is for a case in which photographer Jeffrey Binion sued the singer and his bodyguard, Huge Hesney, claiming Justin orchestrated an attack in which the bodyguard allegedly threw him against the wall, grabbed him by the throat and “displayed a gun” in an effort to steal his memory card during a confrontation that occurred in June 2013.