Bieber tattoo

Justin Bieber Shows
Off New
Banksy-Inspired Tattoo

Courtesy of Justin Bieber

Looks like the Miami Beach Police Department is going to have to update their records—because they no longer have a complete inventory of Justin Bieber’s tattoos!

The 20-year-old pop star recently got inked and took to Twitter to share his newest tat, inspired by street artist Banksy’s renowned piece “Balloon Girl”, but promptly took it down.

The original street art, which is on a wall in London, is a black-and-white stencil of a young girl reaching for a red balloon.

Taking a cue from that inspirational message—Justin shared his new ink on the app Shots with the caption, “Don’t let your dreams float away.”

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Interestingly enough, earlier this week, Banksy updated his original piece to mark the third anniversary of the Syria conflict.

It’s unclear whether or not Justin knew this when he opted to get this tattoo… but we suspect it’s just a coincedence.