Justin bieber twitter pee gate

Justin Bieber's
"Pee-Gate": Celebs
Respond on Twitter


Justin Bieber just can't stay out of trouble these days. The Canadian singer was recently caught on video as he peed into a bucket at a restaurant in NYC. In the video, the Biebs' friends laugh and cheer him on, but other celebrities weren't as impressed with Justin's antics. Model Chrissy Teigen and Jack Barakat from the band All Time Low both were both critical on Twitter.



Meanwhile, actress Evan Rachel Wood was a little more sympathetic to Justin, pointing out that lots of people do crazy stuff when they're young.


Danny Zuker, the executive producer of Modern Family, made a more subtle burn on the "Girlfriend" singer.



There was one celebrity who didn't comment on Twitter - Justin's very recent ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. After the on-and-off couple split for good, Justin reportedly demanded that none of Selena's music be played at his photoshoots.