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Justin Bieber’s Home
Raided: Pals Kelly
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Two of Justin Bieber’s famous friends have hopped on Twitter to publicly defend the 19-year-old after police raided his Calabasas, Calif., home early Tuesday morning.

(The Biebs wasn’t arrested, but his pal Lil Za was taken in by cops for cocaine possession.)

Kelly Osbourne and Kylie Jenner took it upon themselves to discuss the situation, supporting the Biebs on the social media network.

The E! Fashion Police host, who recently bonded with the pop singer, is referring to accusations he threw eggs at his neighbor's house and caused $20,000 worth of damage.

Justin Bieber's Home Raided By Police

The incident is what caused the cops to raid the “As Long As You Love Me” crooner’s mansion.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian’s little sister, who’s very friendly with Lil Za, stood up for the 19-year-old rapper, retweeting four furious tweets from the Biebs’ producer, Maejor Ali.

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The brunette beauty followed up the retweets with the following two messages:

While Kylie and Kelly were upset with the situation, One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles decided to poke fun at the news.

“Egg off,” the 19-year-old captioned a pic featuring two plates of scrambled eggs.

What do you think of egg-gate? Did the Biebs deserve to be raided, or was it completely unnecessary? Tell us in comments!