Justin bieber cell phone

Justin Bieber’s
Cellphone Reportedly
Seized: Our
Predictions For 6
Things They’ll Find!


When it comes to Egg-gate 2014, law enforcement is determined to crack the case—pun absolutely intended.

According to new reports, officers seized Justin Bieber’s cell phone on Tuesday morning when they raided the 19-year-old’s Los Angeles home. As the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s station explained, the purpose of the search warrant was “to seek video surveillance or other possible evidence in the vandalism that occurred on Jan. 9, 2014.”

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The cell phone was allegedly confiscated with hopes that Justin either took pictures of the crime, or bragged about the damage to friends.

Some outlets have since suggested the 19-year-old doesn’t have revealing information about Egg-gate, but is fearful that personal information—such as allusions to drugs and naked pictures—could be revealed after searching his cell phone.

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While it’s hard to imagine what’s on a 19-year-old singer’s cell phone, we’re willing to take a guess. Forget nudes—here are our predictions for what cops will be most surprised to find on JB’s phone!


1. Selfie Outtakes

Anyone who has ever taken a selfie (don’t be ashamed!) knows that no one gets the perfect shot on the first try. And Justin, well, he has quite a few selfies! Needless to say, we’re sure the Biebz has a TON of outtakes that didn’t make it to his Instagram. #nofilter, obvi.

2. Selena Tracker

We’re not saying Justin seems like a clingy boyfriend, but we are saying that the lyrics to “Boyfriend” specifically state, “If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go.” He seems like the type that may have GPS tracking on Selena Gomez.

3. Graffiti Plans

Okay, so everyone knows that Justin Bieber has recently gotten himself into trouble with his little graffiti habit. Also, everyone knows that famed street artist Banksy’s identity is still unknown. What if Justin Bieber is Banksy? And his phone has pictures of him doing work or scouting locations? Whoa…

4. Modern Voodoo Dolls

We can only assume that Justin has some kind of Voodoo app designed for catharsis and inflicting imaginary/virtual pain on his enemies—One Direction, of course!

5. Lots and Lots of Puppy Pics

Okay, any respectable dog owner knows that there is absolutely no limit on how many pictures of your dog is “too many.” Especially when it’s a super adorable puppy. We’re totally not judging here, Justin! We get it.

6. Shopping List

Many have pointed out that looking for “evidence” in a case of egging is a little unusual. Upon searching his phone the cops will think they hit the jackpot upon finding a shopping list under his “notes.” The catch? Apparently the Biebs is dieting—and opted to buy a carton of egg whites.