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Justin Bieber
“Pee-Gate” Aftermath:
Pop Star Talks with
Bill Clinton


In the wake of the Justin Bieber “Pee-Gate” incident, which went viral on the web yesterday, the teen heartthrob is responding to backlash he received from fans and from fellow stars.
Justin took to Twitter to try to repair his image - he even sent a tweet out to former U.S. President Bill Clinton! For those who missed yesterday's breaking J-Biebs’ news, TMZ posted a video of the Canadian singer peeing into a mop-bucket while at a restaurant in NYC.  In the video, the “Beauty and a Beat” singer is caught spraying liquid at a photo of the former president and shouting, “F--- Bill Clinton.” 
Following the release of the video, Justin sent out a number of tweets apologizing for his behavior.
Two hours later, he sent out another tweet, which revealed he had chatted with the former POTUS.
Who knows how tight two are after this entire situation, but Justin has certainly learned his lesson . At the end of the night, Justin sent out a final tweet thanking his ”Beliebers”  for all of their support. 
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