Justin bieber the key

Justin Bieber Debuts
Commercial for His
Latest Fragrance, The

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He spent most of last week deflecting criticism following his "Pee-Gate" scandal, where he was caught on video peeing into a mop bucket at an NYC eatery, but Justin Bieber is never one to lay low. He just released the teaser commercial for his latest fragrance - number three! - which is called The Key.

The ad shows 19-year-old Justin and a gorgeous model in Copenhagen, Denmark, in April 2013. Justin is also shown walking alone, looking serious in a black blazer. The only dialogue is at the end, when he says "My new fragrance is the key."

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Justin's perfume lines have been really successful so far. The first one, Someday, made millions of dollars on the very first day that it launched and has become one of the highest-selling celebrity perfumes ever. The second, Girlfriend, was also a major success, selling out at multiple stores.

One thing's for sure - the "Heartbreaker" singer definitely knows what his fans like!