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Galavis and Nikki
Ferrell Fake It For
the Cameras!


The relationship between ABC’s most controversial Bachelor, Juan Pablo, and the woman who received his final rose, Nikki Ferrell, is more business than romance. A source reveals to In Touch, “They sold an exclusive set of photos of their vacation and are splitting the profits.”

The source continues, “It was their idea. He’s already done two set-up photo shoots with Nikki and is looking to book more. He knows he has to move now while people are still talking about him. For Juan Pablo, Nikki is just a prop.”

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Even Nikki’s family admits it isn’t serious between them. “We knew a lot of it was just for the cameras,” her sister-in-law’s father, Donald Kendall, tells In Touch. “I’m not really sure if they will ever get married.”

Juan Pablo and Nikki are continuing to play the part of the happy couple. “They both want to be famous,” a show insider dishes to In Touch. “That’s one thing they have in common: They love the spotlight.”

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