Jonathan cheban millionaire matchmaker

Jonathan Cheban Turns
to ‘Millionaire
Matchmaker’ Star Patti
Stanger For Love! See
the 8 Most Ridiculous
Quotes From His
Submission Video!


Jonathan Cheban, aka Kim K's BFF, is happily in love with his girlfriend, Anat Popovsky. But it wasn’t too long ago the reality star was single—and mingling with Millionaire Matchmaker’s Patti Stanger

Anat must be truly special, considering she meets Jonathan’s ridiculously high standards, which he revealed to Patti Stanger on the show, aired on Bravo last night.

The 39-year-old reality star described his perfect woman as: Someone with Jennifer Aniston’s face, Kim Kardashian’s curves and Rihanna’s style!

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 While Kim’s bestie may be in love now, finding that special, "perfect 10" girl proved difficult for the multimillionaire due to his jet setting lifestyle and his high expectations - which is why he turned to Patti. 

And let’s just say the matchmaker had her work cut out for her! Not only did she have to work with “know-it-all” Jonathan, but she also was given an outrageous list of demands! 

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We’re happy that Jonathan and Anat found each other—because if Patti couldn’t find him a match, we don’t think anyone could!

Don’t believe finding him love was mission impossible? Then take a look at his eight most ridiculous quotes—and these are just from his two-and-a-half minute submission video!

  1. 1. “I’d probably be upset if she didn’t know who I was… when someone doesn’t know who I am, it kind of stresses me out. What, you don’t have cable?”

  2. 2. “I used to date models, and I can’t even look at models to be honest. I think they’re so plain and stick-figured.

  3. 3. “Because of the lifestyle I’m in, they need to look good. They need to know Louboutins are out.”

  4. 4. “I need someone that could roll with the punches… Like, I’m talking to you now, but I’ll literally decide to go to Miami tonight for a week.”

  5. 5. “I have a Bentley, an apartment in Florida… I don’t like to travel commercial, let’s put it that way.”

  6. 6. “Turnoffs? Pretty much 99 percent of everything.”

  7. 7. “They need to be ahead of the curve, not just some cheese ball wearing Steve Madden. I need a perfect ten."

  8. 8. "She needs to be funny. I love a good audience, so I need a good laugher."