Jonas brothers

Jonas Brothers
Officially Call It
Quits As a Band

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They may still be brothers, but the Jonas Brothers are officially over. Nick, Kevin and Joe have confirmed that they are calling it quits as a band.

On Oct. 3, the band abruptly cancelled their tour shortly before their first stop, leaving fans wondering what was going on with the band of brothers. Jesse Deris, spokesperson for the group, released a cryptic statement, only saying, “There has been a deep rift within the band.”

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Then, on Oct. 17, the band deleted their official band Twitter without any explanation to the band.

The three of them remained completely silent, until Oct 22., when Nick tweeted, “Bear with us,” and Joe asked fans, via Twitter, to “please hold while we get our sh*t together.”

Jonas Brothers Delete Their Twitter Account

Deris’ original statements explained that “there was a big disagreement over their music direction,” which is what ultimately led to the group’s demise.