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Jon Gosselin On Kate:
“She’s Exploiting Our


Jon Gosselin lashes out at his ex-wife in an exclusive, explosive new interview with In Touch. He slams Kate for wanting to put their eight kids back on television. “I consider that exploitation,” Jon tells the mag.

Jon believes Kate is using their children to get back in the spotlight and is driven by greed. “She uses them as her props,” he tells the mag. “It’s a problem for her that she can’t afford our old lifestyle anymore. It’s so unfair to them. I work really hard to keep my kids safe and then she just goes and tweets about them all the time. I don’t have a Twitter [account] anymore and even when I did, I never tweeted about my kids. I kept their lives private.”

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Jon tells In Touch, “I don’t think being on TV is good for kids. A lot of them do not want to film and they come to me and tell me that. It’s upsetting and I think it’s embarrassing for them. They are enjoying having an ordinary childhood.”

He worries that the exposure has caused some long-term damage. “They shy away from cameras and I don’t think that is normal,” Jon tells the mag of his eight children. Gosselin also recently said, “Developmentally, they have problems with their peers, and they have problems with talking to other people — I think more so than someone who grows up off of TV.”

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Kate insists the opposite is true. “They ask all the time, ‘Are we going to film more?’ They want to do it,” she recently said. “They weren’t harmed. I’d say definitely — we’d go back and do it again.”

The majority of the money the kids earned on TLC has been placed in a trust to pay for their education, but it’s Jon’s belief that the children aren’t benefiting from a Kate-focused project, like her recent cookbook — even though the kids are pictured throughout. “That,” says Jon, “is a problem.”

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