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John Mayer Talks
Lorde, Eddie Vedder,
and (Of Course) Katy
Perry in Tumblr Chat


John Mayer's new album Paradise Valley came out in August. To celebrate, the singer took questions from some of his biggest fans through his Tumblr page. The always-quotable musician certainly didn't disappoint when it came to funny and revealing answers.

On what he thinks of up-and-coming teenage singer Lorde, who is opening for his girlfriend Katy Perry on tour:

"I like Lorde a lot. I just hope she gets the opportunity to keep growing as an artist and not just shot through the 12-month rags-to riches- to seven Grammys machine and not heard from again. She’s too good for that."

On what his next single is going to be:

"'Who You Love.' It’s going to get the full-blown single/video treatment. Which it really deserves. Most songs fall off a bit in terms of my opinion of them as the months go by, but Who You Love is really an excellent song, performance, recording. It’s good on every listen. A little tough in that the tune is a throwback slow groove, but quality beats a trend, at least in the way I like to believe in music."

On his dream musical collaborator:

"Eddie Vedder would be my dream collaboration. I have always loved that guy’s music. He’s at living legend status, as far as I’m concerned."

On red-headed British singer/songriter Ed Sheeran, who has worked with Taylor Swift and One Direction:

"Huge fan of Ed. As a person and an artist. I thought he was the best performer at the Grammys this past year."

On the hardships of being a musician and going on the road:

"Fundamentally, humans aren’t meant to travel like musicians do. At the core of it, it goes against the way people like to live, in communities, with rituals, with family. I think it’s a really difficult balance to strike between traveling for a living and making sure that you can get home and keep a normal life going. I’ve been saying lately, people only OD in hotel rooms. You never heard of someone ODing in a rental house in Hawaii, or on a couch by their dog."

On whether he has private shows for Katy:

"All my shows for Katy are ticketed through AEG and can be bought at a discounted rate for all Diner’s Club International card holders."