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Spotted With One of
Katy Perry’s Best
Friends – Rihanna! Get
the Details!


It would appear Rihanna just broke the first rule of friendship.

The Barbadian beauty was spotted hanging out—and getting cozy!—with John Mayer, just weeks after he called it quits with her BFF Katy Perry!

An onlooker tells In Touch the pair were spotted drinking together at the Soho House in West Hollywood on April 1.

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“John and Rihanna appeared very friendly in a corner of the swanky rooftop club,” the eyewitness tells the mag.

The onlooker continued to say there were no “obvious” signs of flirtation between the pair, but they did enjoy “a lingering goodnight hug as John departed the lounge shortly after 11 PM.”

![John Mayer, Rihanna]( "John Mayer, Rihanna")

And it must’ve been some hug! The onlooker added Rihanna was “all smiles” when she left with her bodyguard almost an hour later.

But don’t throw a pity party for Katy just yet—it would appear she has moved on as well!

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The brunette bombshell shared a picture of “date night” with Houston-based rapper Riff Raff—best known for possibly inspiring James Franco’s character in Spring Breakers—who confirmed he sees a future with Katy.

“When I get back, I think she’s in Belgium right now, so probably next week,” he told TMZ when asked about a second date. “I’m just out here in Miami enjoying the weather and the beautiful view. But me and Katy Perry might got on a second date.”