Channing tatum jimmy fallon

LOL: Jimmy Fallon and
Channing Tatum's
Battle Over Winning
Lasts Longer Than Arm
Wrestle on 'The
Tonight Show' – Watch


Following Jimmy Fallon and Channing Tatum’s hilarious “Ew!” video, the two reunite on The Tonight Show for another LOL moment.

On Friday, the 22 Jump Street star appeared on Jimmy’s show to promote his new film, but also to take on the host in an arm wrestling battle!

"I know you're a strong dude. I've seen Magic Mike 12 times. But I bet I can take you in an arm wrestle," Fallon says before Channing replies, “Is that so?”

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After the two make it over to the table, they discuss – for about three minutes – what each of them is going to do after they win.

“After I win, I'm going to stuff myself in a duffel bag so only my head is sticking out—then ride around on an airport baggage carousel yelling, 'A little help!'" Fallon jokes.

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Tatum, trying to one-up him, teases, “After I win, I’m gonna buy a boat and I’m going to name it “S.S.H.H.H., so whenever someone asks me how I pronounce it, I can be like, ‘Shhhh!’”

When the 34-year-old actor and the comedian finally battle it out, they struggle and go back and forth until finally, someone wins.

Find out who won and what the winner ended up doing in the hilarious clip below!