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Jewel Dishes on Her
Shocking Home Life: I
Live With 200 Cows!


She may rock a red carpet from time to time, but at home Jewel gets down on the farm.

In a new interview, the singer opens up to Sweden With Love, where she dishes on her non-traditional home: a secluded ranch in Texas.
The 2,200 acre ranch is surrounded by 200 cows, 20 horses and rolling hills, and the 38-year-old finds it to be the perfect place to raise her one-year-old son, Kase, with hubby Ty Murray!
“I’m so glad we’re able to raise him on our ranch," she shares. "He gets to learn how to take care of and love the animals. He’s still very little, but he loves sitting on the tractor and help feed the cows. He’s a wonderful little boy, and I’m so grateful he can grow up in such a beautiful place. Ty and I want to raise him to be self sufficient. I want him to be able to take care of himself and live a happy and rewarding life."
And Jewel knows a thing or two about growing up in an isolated area.  The "Hands" crooner was raised in Alaska on a ranch with no running water or electricity.
“We were both raised poor, so it’s a little weird," she says of her and Ty's upbringing. "I don’t know of a lot of spoiled, wealthy kids who turned out well-equipped for life."
While the singer is more than happy with her home on the farm, she says living in such a remote location does have its downsides.
“I miss having a Whole Foods Market and a yoga studio!” she confesses. “But I love the world I live in. I feel very happy here.”