Jessica simpson pregnancy weight

Jessica Simpson's
Pregnancy Plan: How
She's Maintaining a
Healthy Weight This
Time Around


Jessica Simpson is doing it right this time around. 

The pregnant star, who is due with a baby boy in July, has learned a lesson from her first pregnancy with Maxwell— watch what you eat! 
Once criticized for her 70 pound weight gain during pregnancy, the star— who formerly admitted to eating buttered pop tarts and macaroni and cheese— is taking the healthy approach to this pregnancy. 
“She thinks about what she puts in her body now,” says a friend of the singer. “She’s not starving herself, but she’s eating sensibly.”
At one point during her pregnancy with Maxi, now 10 months, the 5-foot-3 beauty ballooned to 180 lbs., putting her at risk for complications like gestational diabetes. 
In order to keep herself helthy this time around, here’s how Jess has changed her lifestyle. 
Healthy Food: Jess has traded Cap’n Crunch cereal for much healthier fare, like her “new favorite” breakfast— green eggs (eggs and spinach). “She loves it,” says a pal.
Regular Exercise: Jessica’s working with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, who says Jess “just likes feeling good— and when she exercises regularly, she feels great.”
Sexy Outfits: Now that she has less to cover, Jessica (who has a maternity line) can proudly wear clothing that accentuates her pregnancy curves. 
And everyone notices the difference. “I’ve never seen her this happy,” says her friend. “She keeps saying that her life couldn’t be better.” 
For more on Jessica’s new healthy lifestyle and how she’s staying fit with baby, pick up the latest issue of In Touch, on newsstands now!