Jess justin wedding facts

Jess & Justin’s
Wedding: The 5 Details
You Need To Know


After five years of dating, Jess and Justin have finally tied the knot! And for every blissful year they've spent together, we've provided you with one fun fact about their hush-hush wedding!

1) Celebrity Guests:

Tons of Hollywood’s hottest showed up for the swanky affair, including comedian Andy Samberg, 7th Heaven star Beverly Mitchell, rapper Timbaland and many more. A-listers have taken over Italia!

2) Foreign Hideaway:

Jess and Justin flew friends and family to Europe without telling them where they were going! The location of their nuptials was kept under wraps to the point where “guests were told just to fly to Italy,” shares an insider. The pair allegedly fell in love with the country when they were there for the 2008 nuptials of Beverly Mitchell.

3) Family Blessing:

Though Justin’s grandmother was unable to make it to the wedding, she sent her best wishes to the newlyweds. "I am so happy for them!” she said of the pair to In Touch. “If Justin is happy I am happy. Jessica is very sweet, and I think they both have made a wise choice. I now have a new granddaughter!"

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4) Cave Buffet:

The day before the wedding, the pair shuttled their guests to the caves at Lama del Trappeto, where they were all treated to a buffet lunch of local delicacies, including meats, seafoods and savory breads. Within the grotto, dozens of locals dressed up to put on a ‘living nativity’ scene. So what was the price tag of this outing? Nearly $12,000.

5) Super Secret:

Not only was the wedding location and date kept confidential, but the pair hired extra security from the states to assure their celebration was as private as possible. Guests were told that their cell phones and cameras would be confiscated, as well! 

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