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LOL: Jerry O’Connell
and Funny or Die Spoof
Shia LaBeouf With


There’s a lot about “art” that we will never understand. Luckily, when art fails—comedy prevails.

Just a few days after Shia LaBeouf introduced his bizarre performance art piece—#IAMNOTSORRY—in LA, Jerry O’Connell has gotten in on the fun with his own parody art exhibit, #IAMNOTSORRYTOO.

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In case you missed it, Shia showed up to the premiere for his movie Nymphomaniac at the Berlin International Film Festival on Feb. 9 sporting a brown paper bag that read “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE” over his face.

Then, on Feb. 11, the former Disney Channel star debuted his air installation in Los Angeles, where he put the same tuxedo and paper bag on his head and met with fans face-to-brown paper bag.

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And now, Jerry O’Connell is getting in on the fun!

Yesterday, Feb. 12, comedy site Funny Or Die posted a tweet of the front of Jerry’s gallery and wrote, “BREAKING: Jerry O’Connell has an art exhibit directly next to Shia LaBeouf’s. 7358 Beverly. Today only. #IAmSorryToo.”

During the art exhibit, Jerry wore his own paper bag—which read “I’m Not Sorry” and gave fans a similar experience to Shia’s exhibit.

One visitor, named Kristin Chirico, recounted her experience at Shia’s exhibit on Twitter. She explained that guests entered one at a time and were told to pick an “implement”—the options included a Daniel Clowes book, a whip, some Hershey kisses, a wrench and a bowl of tweets.

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Charlie also had a table of implements—which included his childhood hit, Stand By Me—although unlike Shia, he interacted with fans.

Luckily, the entire experience was captured and filmed for a Funny or Die video—so this story isn’t over yet!

Who knows—maybe Shia will plagiarize a video spoofing him? Meta.