Seinfeld reunion

Jerry and George
Together Again! Our
Predictions For a
Seinfeld Reunion


Oh. My. God.

All of our 90s dreams were close to coming true earlier this week, when Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander were spotted outside Tom’s Restaurant—the same spot that served as the exterior for Monk’s Café on the hit 90s show.

During a Reddit question-and-answer session—known as an Ask Me Anything—Jerry revealed that he and Seinfeld co-creater Larry David have something “big, huge, gigantic” in the works, but admitted he couldn’t reveal any other details.

And, well, our fingers are crossed and we’re hoping it’s a Seinfeld reunion. Sure, they kinda, sorta did it on Curb Your Enthusiasm, but we’re ready for the real deal!

Here’s what we would do if we were writing the Seinfeld reunion… Jerry and Larry, Call us!!

Decades after the failure of Jerry—his sitcom about “nothing”—Jerry is approached by Netflix to do a reboot of the series. It fails.

Elaine hesitantly joins OKCupid after realizing she wants to settle down; taking advice from George, she fibs a little bit on her profile and hits off with a great guy. Ultimately, she comes home after coming to the realization that she’s the “Catfish.”

Upon learning about Cryptocurrencies, George gets involved in a Bitcoin-only fantasy football league—which Jerry calls a “fantasy fantasy league.” Just as he’s about to win his league, the Bitcoin bubble bursts.

After the popularity of the Cronut, Kramer channels all of his energy into making a delicious rival for the breakfast pastry. A donut/bagel? A muffin/scone?