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Jenny McCarthy Talks
‘The View’ and Reveals
What She Thinks of
Katie Couric Joining

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Jenny McCarthy has only been on The View for one week—but not only has established exactly who she is on the couch, but she’s also making room for more!

In Touch caught up with the 40-year-old new host about how she’s fitting in with the ladies, the co-host she thinks would be “great,” and what not to expect from her.

Jenny McCarthy Opens Up: ‘I’m Ready to Take the Track’

“The first week has been amazing,” Jenny told In Touch. “I’ve kind of bonded with the ladies; understanding their grooves. When you have big panel, it’s kind of like playing a team game—you kind of know who fits the best position, and I’m loving ‘em.”

But there is one thing that Jenny wanted to make clear—just because she’s replacing Elisabeth Hasselbeck, don’t think that she’s taking over her niche.

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“Everyone’s asked me if I will take over a political stance, and I’m like, ‘No,’” she said, addressing the rumors that she’s the “Anti-Hasselbeck.”

“I think there was a reason why I came into that chair, to lighten it up—be a little more pop culture,” she continued explaining to In Touch. “The morning audience, if they want some politics, they can go to CNN, and we need to fluff it up a little bit more. I don’t have any strong position either way.”

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There is one position that Jenny has taken a strong stand on: the rumors that Katie Couric is joining the morning ladies!

While Jenny didn’t confirm the rumor—in fact she told In Touch that “they” say it’s not true—regardless,  Jenny would definitely be welcoming Katie on board.

“I know they’ve said it’s not true, but I love Katie,” she said. “I think she’d be great.”