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Jenny McCarthy Opens
Up: ‘I’m Ready to Take
the Track’

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Looking at Jenny McCarthy, it’s hard to believe that she’s mother to an 11 year old. It could be because of her incredible physique, which Jenny told us, at In Touch’s Icons & Idols party, was the result of hard work—even if some of that exercise was accidental.

“I've found that moving has really been a source of exercise,” she told In Touch. “I've spent the last few weeks moving so its helped."

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Of course, even when she isn’t relocating—she recently settled in New York—she has a few other tricks up her sleeve.

“90-percent of how to stay in shape is what you put in your mouth,” she shared. “So I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and lots of soups.”

One thing’s for sure—this hot mama isn’t going under the knife to keep herself looking great; she laughed when plastic surgery was brought up.

Another change her body won’t be experiencing? Another pregnancy.

“[My uterus] is closed,” she said. “It’s shut down!”

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 Jenny's changes are more than just skin deep; she explained that as she’s matured, she’s ready to embrace stability and no longer fears the unknown.

"I’m not nervous about anything, but ten years ago I would be,” she said. “But now I'm like a single mom, and I'm ready for a steady job.”

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Perhaps this new attitude towards settling down explains not only latest career move—being the newest host on The View—but also her commitment to beau Donnie Wahlberg, which one of her friends called “the real deal.”

“It’s like I'm over 40 and I've been training,” Jenny said. “And I'm ready to take the track."