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Jenny McCarthy and
Amanda Bynes: On
Speaking Terms Since
Twitter Incident?

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Two weeks after feuding with Amanda Bynes on Twitter, Jenny McCarthy tells In Touch that they've brushed off the incident — and that they haven't spoken since.

"No, no, we haven't talked," the talk show host tells In Touch. "I learned a valuable lesson."
After Amanda, 27, posted some racy Twitpics of herself on May 1, someone allegedly called the cops on her. Jenny, 40, had tweeted her concern about it — and that she needs help — before the reports were denied.
The Easy A starlet didn't like that one bit. She slammed Jenny's tweet and denied the police visit — the NYPD also denied it. Jenny later apologized, which then caused Amanda to apologize, as well.
So why did the model share it on the social networking site? She wanted to reach out to the starlet, whose recent antics have been worrying many.
"It's weird. On Twitter, people repeat what they hear, and it's not like I came up with the story," she explains to In Touch. "It came from another source. I felt bad. My only reply was true: sorry girl. I'm just looking out for you and other things. And she apologized."
And Jenny says things are just fine between them.
"Everything's good," she said while swiping the back of her hand over her forehead. "Phew!"