Jennifer lopez casper smart puppy

Jennifer Lopez and
Boyfriend Casper Smart
Get a Puppy


It’s not what you’re thinking… no engagement or baby news for this couple yet!
Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart are strengthening their commitment to each other by adding an adorable, four-legged friend to their family— a puppy by the name of Bear.
On Jan. 17, Casper tweeted a photo of their new boxer running around the yard. “Introducing the new addition to the family… “Bear” #WelcomeHome #Happy @JLo,” he captioned the snapshot.

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The singer responded to the tweet, saying, “@BEAUcasperSMART: Introducing the new addition to the family. "BEAR" So Happy! LilBabyBear. Could get confusing Lol!”

The star is referring to the fact that she and Casper’s nickname for each other is also “bear.” Perhaps their term of endearment had something to do with the name of their pup?

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Either way, it’s clear J.Lo is loving her new furry friend so far, as she was seen holding the tiny canine outside of Jimmy Kimmel Live! before her appearance as a guest star.
Does this mean J.Lo and Casper are one step closer to getting engaged? Only time will tell!