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Jennifer Lawrence’s
Most Jennifer Lawrence
Quotes From the 2014
Golden Globes!


Oh Jennifer Lawrence… you rock, don’t ever change.

And we mean that in the most genuine possible, not in the generic-message-to-write-in-your-middle-school-crushs-yearbook way either (although, if we went to middle school with her, she probably would’ve been our middle school crush)!

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We love the way she says exactly what’s on her mind at any given moment, or how she always manages to be completely genuine even though she’s constantly up against the BS of Hollywood. And we love the way she prefers to talk about hamburgers over couture dresses. We just love everything she stands for!

Luckily, her Jennifer Lawrence-ness was in full effect at last night’s Golden Globes… So without further ado, check out Jennifer Lawrence’s most Jennifer Lawrence quotes from the Golden Globes.

1. “I was going to come in and push you down the stairs. I was like, ‘she’ll crack up! She would really love that.’” – Jen, on interview-bombing fellow nominee and friend Taylor Swift.

2. “I actually did watch all the movies—well, not all of them but you know what I mean…” – Jen, being a gracious winner in her acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress.

3. “Oh my god, that costs more than both of our lives!” – Jen, when she drops a diamond bracelet… and also kind of insults Ryan Seacrest.

4. “I sent her a text message that was like 6 inches long.” – Jen, on the totally safe-for-work, definitely-not-a-sext message she sent Taylor after the Country Music Awards.

5. “Wow, that is the most heartbreaking thing I ever heard.” – Jen, on her haircut making headlines.

6. “I don’t know, I need to catch up on my drinking.” – Jen, on how she’ll celebrate her win.