Jennifer lawrence 2013

Jennifer Lawrence’s
Amazing Year: 13 Of
Jen’s Moments From
2013 That We Can’t
Stop Talking About!


It’s no doubt that 2013 will go down in history as the year the entire world fell in love with Jennifer Lawrence.

Over and over again, the 23-year-old Kentucky native proved to us that you can be extremely talented and beautiful, while remaining incredibly humble and down to earth.

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Jen explained to Barbara Walters that she never acted differently because, on the inside, she isn’t any different than before her amazing success.

“The main thing is the way people look at you and talk to you, because you don’t feel any different,” The Hunger Games star explained. “A light never went off like, ‘Ok, I’m a new me!’ So it’s hard when people treat you differently, I mean you don’t feel any differently. It’s alienating.”

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You can’t blame Jen for thinking that way, even though it’s hard to imagine someone with that much success not notice the tremendous impact she has made!

To make the point even more clear, we rounded up 13 the best moments from Jen’s wild year—some of which prove she’s the same goofball she’s always been, and others that demonstrate that she’s reached an unimaginable level of success!

1. Golden Globes – Jan. 13

Kicking off a super successful award season, Jen took home the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for Silver Linings Playbook; upon receiving her statue, Jen exclaimed, “I beat Meryl!”

She later explained that she wasn’t attacking Meryl Streep, but merely quoting The First Wives Club

2. Saturday Night Live – Jan. 19

Every time Jen opens her mouth, she manages to make fans laugh—and when she hosting SNL for the first time on Jan. 19 it was no exception! Jen poked fun at her fellow Best Actress Oscar nominees—using her monologue to talk smack against the other talented actresses—and even parodied her own movie, The Hunger Games!

3. 85th Academy Awards – Feb. 24

Jen’s victory for Best Actress at the 85th Academy Awards is sure to go down (pun intended) in history. Not only did she have an unforgettable entrance by tripping on the stage, but she also became the second youngest winner to take home the award, which she won for her performance as Tiffany in Silver Linings Playbook.

4. The World Met Andy – Feb. 25

Shortly after Jen made a new friend—the Oscar statue she took home—the world was introduced to one of Jen’s old friends, Andy Strunk; Andy is a 23-year-old with Down Syndrome and a life-long friend of Jennifer’s. Their friendship persevered through her success and fame, proving that she’s still the same ol’ Jennifer.

5. Fangirling Over Jeff Bridges – July 25

Extra caught a priceless moment between Jen and Jeff Bridges at Comic Con; the Oscar-winning actress proves that she’s just like as she gets totally starstruck when approaching one of her favorite actors. Let’s be honest, though, we’d totally freak out like this, too, if we saw Jen

6. Jen Goes Natural For Dior – Sept. 4

After it was announced that Jennifer would be the face of Dior, fans and fashionistas were let down when the designer released lackluster adds in February. The designer more than made up for the disappointing shots when her fall campaigned was released—featuring a naturally elegant and fresh-faced Jennifer. 

7. Secret Dumb and Dumber To Cameo Revealed – Sept. 28

In late September, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Jen would be making a cameo in Dumb and Dumber To, which was filming on location near the set of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. We imagine this was especially exciting for Jen, who once told Jimmy Fallon that Dumb and Dumber was among her favorite movies and that she “know[s] every word.”

8. Pixie Cut Makes Its Debut – Nov. 8

Jen surprised fans before the London premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire by premiering a new ‘do! The 23-year-old explaining that her hair was “fried” from being dyed too many times! Her new look made major news, much to her surprise. She told Jon Stewart that getting a news alert about her haircut was “the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to [her].”

9. Jen Stops an Interview & Comforts a Crying Fan – Nov. 11

The more success Jen has received, the bigger her heart—not her head—has grown; a perfect example of her giant heart came at the London premiere of Catching Fire; Jen noticed a young fan sobbing beyond the barriers of the red carpet. Rather than ignoring the fan, Jen stopped an interview so she could console the fan—creating not only a heart-warming story, but also an unforgettable moment for a fan!

10. Catching Fire Breaks Records – Nov. 20

To no one’s surprise, the much-anticipated, second installment of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, was a huge success both domestically and abroad; in the United States, the film broke records—and earned the title of the highest grossing Thanksgiving opening of all time, raking in $110.2 million over the holiday weekend.

11. Barbara Walters’ Most Fascinating  - Dec. 4

This year, Jen was one of the stars named to Barbara Walters’ final list of the 10 most fascinating people; the young actress and the television veteran spoke about a variety of things, but it was Jen’s message about body acceptance that resonated with many of her fans.

After reflecting on the harsh criticism she has faced as young woman in the spotlight, Jen came to the conclusion that, “It should be illegal to call somebody fat.”

12. American Hustle Premieres – Dec. 13

Just as the buzz around Catching Fire began to die down, American Hustle was released—and almost immediately earned Jen some serious award show buzz! The film has already racked up some nominations, including a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for best supporting actress for Jennifer.

13.  Christmas In the Hospital – Dec. 25

This year, Jen spent her Christmas in a hospital—but not because of one of the many ailments that she loves to talk about (that’s right, no “faux-lcer” here!). Instead the star stopped by Kosair Children’s Hospital in her native Louisville to comfort the children who spent their holiday in the hospital. Aww!