Jennifer lawrence fall oscar

“I’m Afraid It’s Going
to Start Looking Like
a Gimmick”: Jennifer
Lawrence Explains Her
Fall at the 2014


Every star has their thing.

Some celebs have catchphrases, others have signature moves—and Jennifer Lawrence has falling.

Only she swears she’s not doing it on purpose. Suuuure.

Yesterday, at the Academy Awards, the 23-year-old actress fell on the red carpet when she was getting out of her car. This came just one year after she fell when accepting her award for Best Actress at the 2013 Oscars. Confused as to how it could happen twice?

Well, apparently so is Jen.

Jen Lawrence Fall

“I don’t know how it happened so fast. I wasn’t even at the press yet,” J. Law told Billy Bush. “But there was a cone outside my car and yeah, I ran over the cone.”


Jen didn’t hurt herself during the red carpet incident, but she is scared about injuring one thing… her reputation!

WATCH: See Jen Take a Tumble on the 2014 Oscar Red Carpet

“I’m afraid that like, I got so scared and I hope nobody took a picture, because I’m afraid it’s going to start looking like a gimmick,” she explained.

Uhh, Jen… we have some bad news. Not only are there pictures of her trip, but there is also video evidence!

Luckily, Billy was there for support—and reminded Jen that last time she fell, she won… so maybe it’s a good luck charm! But Jen wasn’t buying it.