Jennifer Hudson Sings and Stuns at Inaugural Ball

Jennifer hudson inaugural ball


Will Jennifer Hudson’s waist ever stop shrinking?!
J. Hud graced the stage at the Inaugural Ball to serenade President Barack Obama and First Lady, Michelle, as they took their first dance. As she belted out a show-stopping version of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” it wasn’t just her voice that grabbed attention: it was her super-svelte bod!
With every public appearance, Jennifer keeps heads turning and tongues wagging. In our opinion, the American Idol alum has never looked better!
In addition to performing for the Prez, Jennnifer has been staying busy by working hard to maintain her shape, all thanks to Weight Watchers.

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“I was overweight my whole life,” the once-size-16 (and now-size-6!) singer admits.  But thanks to Weight Watchers, the singer is proud to say, “I naturally became a healthier me.”
Become a healthier version of yourself with the same tips Jen uses. Here, her Weight Watcher’s counselor Liz Josefsberg, the company’s director of brand advocacy, gives In Touch some top tips for keeping your diet on track:

Prep your pantry: “Take some time to set yourself up for success by bringing healthy foods into your home and ridding your environment of temptations.”

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Journal it: “Record everything you’re eating in a way that makes sense to you. Write it down with paper and a pen, use an app, or simply take photos of every meal you eat. The added accountability and data can lead to greater success.” 

Treat yourself: “Don’t cut out the foods you love. Jennifer eats chocolate every day. She knows how to manage chocolate because she ate it as she lost weight. Had she cut it out, she would have struggled to manage it once at her goal.”

Do you have some tips to make your bod hot like Jennifer's? Let us know in comments!

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