Demi lovato jennifer hudson

Battle of the Bikini
Babes: Jennifer Hudson
and Demi Lovato Share
Bikini Pics—Who Wore
It Better?

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Demi Lovato shared a bikini pic on Instagram a day after Jennifer Hudson shared one! This leads us to question: Who wore it better?

Jennifer Hudson

On Wednesday, the 32-year-old singer shared a collage of herself in a bright yellow bikini. The pics not only showed off her toned stomach from a high angle, but also a full body shot.

She captioned the pic, “It would take mexico to get me to play on the beach ! I'm so not that girl ! But I work hard , I deserve it right ! Plus, I earned it !”

Jennifer Hudson

“I can’t care about whether I’m too big for some or too small for others. It goes back to how you feel about yourself. I like me the way I am,” the American Idol alum said after losing nearly 80 pounds.

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Demi Lovato

On Thursday, the 21-year-old singer shared a pic of her stomach and her studded bikini while lying by the pool. “Summertime,” she captioned the photo.

Demi Lovato Bikini Body

“My main thing about being in the spotlight with my fans is, I want to be real to them. I have my problem areas, but I’m happy in my skin right now. I’m not going to sacrifice my mental health to have the perfect body,” the Neon Lights singer said about her figure.

WINNER: Jennifer Hudson because she took the time to be creative with her photos and just like she said, she “earned” it!

Tell us what you think! Who had the better Instagram bikini selfie—Demi or Jennifer?