Jennifer aniston justin theroux

“I Have to Hide My
Products!”: Jen
Aniston Opens Up About
Her Relationship With
Justin Theroux, Their
Beauty Routines


At 45 years old, Jennifer Aniston’s flawless, glowing skin has many hoping to get their hands on her beauty routine.

And while she’s usually happy to share the secrets to her success, the Aveeno spokesperson there is one person she has to hide her beauty products from—her fiancé Justin Theroux!

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“He’s good to his skin,” Jen confessed when asked about her beau’s beauty regimen. “He doesn’t do the dermaroller, but he would if I showed it to him. I have to protect my products!”

The former Friends star also admitted that beauty is even incorporated into their relationship.

“We’ve had a Sunday-night facial night together,” she gushed to People. “It’s very romantic.”

Jen admitted that it’s kind of like an “adult slumber party”—only the food sounds way better than the slumber party of your childhood’s, thanks to Justin’s amazing, albeit underrated, cooking skills!

“He cooks too. Sadly, he cooks pasta amazingly. Carbonara. It’s a killer,” she said. “These last couple years since meeting this man have made me gain a couple extra pounds. It just catches up to you. But it’s still fun. It’s all worth it. It was all worth it. It was all in the name of love.”

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For now, however, all “adult slumber parties” are hold—as Jen is on the West Coast and Justin in filming in New York.

“It’s a real drag,” Jen said. “Our jobs take us on all sorts of weird locations. We’re going to try to get a vacation in before we start the next project.”

Well… on the bright side, at least her products are safe!