James franco chris odowd

James Franco Headed to
Broadway: He and Chris
O'Dowd Will Star in
'Of Mice and Men'


James Franco is adding yet another form of expression to his resume. The actor slash writer slash director will make his Broadway debut in Of Mice and Men, based on the novel by John Steinbeck. The play hasn't been performed on the Great White Way in 40 years.

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The Spring Breakers star will appear alongside Irish actor Chris O'Dowd, best known for his role opposite Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids and on the cult favorite British TV show The IT Crowd.

In Of Mice and Men, James will play George, a drifter and migrant worker trying to find a job during the Great Depression. Chris will play Lennie, his friend and fellow drifter who is also mentally challenged. The role was last played by James Earl Jones. The play opens in New York in April.

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For James, 35, this is yet another chance to step outside the box and try a different kind of performing. But in a 2010 interview, the Actors Anonmyous author said that he enjoys trying new things in his career. "If the work is good, what does it matter? I'm doing it because I love it. Why not do as many things you love as you can?"