Seth rogen james franco bound2

James Franco and Seth
Rogen Recreate Kim
Kardashian and Kanye
West’s Sexy Video For
‘Bound 2’ (VIDEO)


When Kanye West released the music video for his song “Bound 2” starring his fiancée, Kim Kardashian, wearing next to nothing, we weren’t sure what would come of it.

A lot of talk? Sure. Another baby? Possibly. But never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that we would get something THIS good!

Funny guys and best friend Seth Rogen and James Franco remade the naughty video shot for shot… and totally nailed it!

WATCH: The Original ‘Bound 2’ Video

They shared the video on Seth’s official Facebook page, and wrote, “James Franco and I made a video for you guys during the downtime on the set of The Interview. Check it and let me know what you guys think.”

Yes… they recreated it shot. For. Shot.