Jack osbourne baby pearl photo

Jack Osbourne Takes A
Hike With Baby Pearl


It's time for Jack Osbourne to take a hike... with his baby Pearl, that is.

The reality star recently tweeted an adorable photo of his daughter posing aside the family dog, which said, “Just me and two of my best friends on a hike.”

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His 7-month-old was ready for action on Dec. 9, wearing a baby backpack and a smile...and she even matched her pink outfit to the pooch’s leash! We must admit: she's turning out to be quite stylish, just like her Aunt Kelly.

The 27-year-old and his wife, Lisa Stelly, who began dating in 2011, have been regularly posting snapshots of their tot, who is perhaps the cutest baby in Hollywood right now.

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And her auntie can't get enough of her either! Kelly Osbourne, 28, gushes, “She is sooooooo cute; she never stops smiling!”

"I already told him that this baby is going to be the best-dressed baby there is," Kelly has said. "'You're not buying the clothes -- I am!'