Sean lowe catherine giudici celibacy lie detector

It’s Official! “The
Virgin Bachelor” Sean
Lowe and New Wife
Catherine Giudici Kept
Their Vow to Celibacy
Until the Wedding


Jan. 26 was the night we were all waiting for—though none of us were waiting nearly as long as Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici.

On that night, “the virgin bachelor” and his new wife not only tied the knot on national TV, but also got to consummate their marriage! And in case you were wondering, they really did maintain their vow to celibacy leading up to the big day!

How do we know? Because Jimmy Kimmel had the newlyweds on his show and put them up to a lie detector test prior to the wedding!

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“Have you ever had sex with Catherine,” the man conducting the examination asked, to which Sean simply replied, “No.”

When the man told Jimmy that, per the lie detector, Sean was telling the truth, he couldn’t help but seem shocked.

“How do you know you really want to get married,” the talk show host grilled them. “Maybe you’re just very horny for each other. It might just be your hormones taking over.”

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LOL! Of course, those of us who watched the wedding could tell that the two are very much in love… though, they’d be lying if they said sex wasn’t an important conversation in the big day as well.  

During their live wedding special, Sean confirmed that being called “The Virgin Bachelor” occasionally got to him, and Catherine agreed.

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“I think, in the beginning, it was a little bit more overwhelming than it is now,” she said. “But I’m happy. I mean, to be honest, it doesn’t affect me at all… we’re doing to be husband and wife, so we’re going to be doing husband and wife things.”

Sean then clarified that he wasn’t feeling any stress to keep up with his husbandly duties…if you know what we mean!

“There’s no pressure on my end,” he joked. “I’m going to perform masterfully.”